FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ShoppingDough Card?

A ShoppingDough Card contains a code with a value you can convert into a gift card for use at nine online retailers. The ShoppingDough card code itself cannot be used at the retailers. Instead, you enter your ShoppingDough code here at this site, choose the retailer(s) you like, and your ShoppingDough is converted into a gift card for that site.

How do I Use My ShoppingDough.com Gift Card?

The very first thing to do with your ShoppingDough.com gift card it to convert it for use, as the ShoppingDough.com gift card itself cannot be used to purchase items. Instead, you will select from nine exclusive online retailers, make a choice, and your ShoppingDough is converted for use at that site. Simply click "get started" on the home page, and enter your ShoppingDough Gift Card Code on the next page.

Next, you'll decide which retailers you want to shop at, select them, and your ShoppingDough will be converted into a gift card for use at that site. You will be emailed the code for that retailer, and can use it at their site immediately!

Why can't I select more than one (1) Shopping Card from each store?

All of our retail stores allow the use of only one (1) Shopping Card Code per transaction; they do not allow multiple Shopping Card Codes to be applied to an order. To avoid confusion with customers, we set a limit to one (1) Shopping Card per retail store. If you would like to receive more than one Shopping Card per store, you can repeat the process, selecting the same Shopping Card each time.

Can I view the stores before I make a selection?

Yes. You can visit each stores website to view the products they offer, their terms and policies prior to making your selection(s). During the selection process, the store links are available for your review.

I have not received the email with my Shopping Card Codes I selected.

Check spam filters and junk-mail folders. If you still cannot locate the email, contact our customer service department. Click contact us, or send an email to [email protected]