How It Works

The very first thing to do with your gift card is to convert it for use, as the gift card itself cannot be used to purchase items. Instead, you will select from nine exclusive online retailers, make a choice, and your ShoppingDough is converted for use at that site. Simply click "get started" on the home page, and then enter your ShoppingDough Gift Card Code.

Next, you'll decide which retailers you want to shop at, select them, and your ShoppingDough will be converted into a gift card for use at that site. You will be emailed a new shopping card code for that retailer, and can use it at their site immediately!

Gift Cards Are Currently Available From The Following 9 Online Retailers:

iGadget Mall  -

Pots And Pans Plus  -

Rock Canyon Leather  -

Zunki Electronics  -

The Sunglass Store  -

Studio 21 Jewelers  -

Pro Football Fan Gear  -

Royal Crown Watches  -

Tool Town Central  -