FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ShoppingDough Card?

ShoppingDough.com is a free, voluntary, online Shopping Card selection program. At ShoppingDough.com, it's all about choice. Visitors to ShoppingDough.com are presented with nine great retail options (Watches, Sunglasses, Electronics, Gadgets, Kitchen, Leather, Jewelry, Sports Fan Gear, and Tools), along with the opportunity to review the key benefits and terms for each retailer. They then choose the Shopping Card(s) they prefer, and ShoppingDough.com delivers redemption details to them by email.

Special Notes:

Retailer Shopping Card codes are delivered by email only. You will receive one email with redemption details and the Shopping Card code(s) selected. Please be sure your email address is entered correctly and check your spam filters. If you have a spam filter or junk-mail folder, please set to allow emails from Orders@ShoppingDough.com.

How do I Use My ShoppingDough.com Gift Card?

Click How it Works for full instructions.
Using your ShoppingDough.com Gift Card is simple.
Step One: Activate your ShoppingDough.com Gift Card Code.
Step Two: select the Retailer Shopping Card(s) that you prefer.
Step Three: Review your selections.
Step Four: Finalize your selections.
Step Five: Wait for your email to arrive with your Shopping Card Code(s).


Do I have to use my entire ShoppingDough.com Gift Card credit on one order?For those of you who have more than a $25 value, no. Your ShoppingDough.com Gift Card will retain the unused balance until you are ready to choose more Shopping Cards.

Can I receive an actual Shopping Card mailed to me?

No. This is an online program only. Our retailers are online only, you will only need the Shopping Card code at checkout to receive the discount. At Shoppingdough.com we only offer digital email Shopping Cards. You may print out a copy of the colorized email you receive and use as a certificate.

Can I send the selected Shopping Cards to different email addresses?

Yes. If you want to send a Shopping Card(s) to additional email addresses, select the Shopping Cards you want to send to a specific email, enter the email address in the field provided and then checkout. If you have several email addresses, you must start from the beginning for each email you wish to send the codes to.

Why can't I select more than one (1) Shopping Card from each store?

All of our retail stores allow the use of only one (1) Shopping Card Code per transaction; they do not allow multiple Shopping Card Codes to be applied to an order. To avoid confusion with customers, we set a limit to one (1) Shopping Card per retail store. If you would like to receive more than one Shopping Card per store, you can repeat the process, selecting the same Shopping Card each time.

Can I view the stores before I make a selection?

Yes. You can visit each stores website to view the products they offer, their terms and policies prior to making your selection(s). During the selection process, the store links are available for your review.


Do the ShoppingDough.com Gift Cards, or the Shopping Cards expire?

Yes, both have expiration dates. The expiration date is printed on your ShoppingDough.com Gift Card (or ShoppingDough.com Gift Card delivery email). Your Shopping Card expiration will be included in your email confirmation with your Shopping Card Codes after you've completed the selection process.

I have not received the email with my Shopping Card Codes I selected.

Check spam filters and junk-mail folders. If you still cannot locate the email, contact our customer service department. Click contact us, or send an email to HelpDesk@ShoppingDough.com.


What If my ShoppingDough.com Gift Card Code Doesn't Work?

Most times, if your code is not working it is either because (1) it's being entered in the wrong place (this is the issue about 33% of the time), (2) it's not getting typed correctly (this is the issue about 50% of the time), or (3) because it's already been redeemed by the customer (this is the issue about 15% of the time). Only about 2% of the time, is there actually an issue. So, if your code is not working, first, please double check that you're on the right page. You should be first activating your code on our Activation Page. Please check to make sure that you're typing the ShoppingDough.com Gift Card code correctly. If you are still receiving an error, then please visit our Customer Service page, just make sure you haven't already redeemed your code, and are seeing the "You've Already Redeemed This Code" message.


This Is Not What I Expected / What I Was Told I Would Get.

We're sorry to hear that. We work very hard to make this program a success for everyone who receives a ShoppingDough.com Gift Card, and are committed to making sure you get the full value of your reward. It's important to us that you understand this program, who we are, what we do, and what we are responsible for. ShoppingDough.com did not give you the ShoppingDough.com Gift Card you received. ShoppingDough.com doesn't call or sell anything to consumers, or bill them for anything. ShoppingDough.com is an online reward selection program that many businesses use to promote their programs. Often businesses give ShoppingDough.com rewards away with other sales. Someone from one of those businesses may have called you, may have charged you, and may have told you that you would receive something, but it was not anyone from ShoppingDough.com. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we can help you. Your reward has value that will help you save money - and we'd be delighted to help you do so.


I Want to Cancel/Stop Billing Me

If you are looking to cancel something, to get a refund, or to inquire about billing, please contact the company that gave you the card directly so they can help you. Please remember, ShoppingDough.com does not do any sales. ShoppingDough.com is simply an online reward selection program that many businesses use to promote their programs. So, if you are dissatisfied with something you may have purchased, or have a complaint, or want to cancel, or want a refund, then you must contact the company or service that gave you your card and provides you with their services.

When I Try to Select My Actual Shopping Card I Keep Going Back to the Starting Page Over and Over. I Cannot Complete the Shopping Card Selection Process.

If you are attempting to select your Shopping Card, and keep getting re-directed to the first page, then it is very likely because your browser is not set to accept "third party cookies", which are required for this process. This issue may occur with versions of the Safari or Internet Explorer browsers. If, after you key in your code during the selection process, you are brought make to the start page, then how third party cookies are handled for your browser need to be adjusted. For example, to allow cookies for Internet Explorer 9 and under, please first click tools or the gears icon (this is located in the top right portion of your web browser). After you click that, you will then need to choose "Internet Options". A pop up will appear in the left top area of your browser. It will open in the "General" tab, two tabs over please click "Privacy". In the middle area you will see four buttons, you will next need to click "Advanced" Another smaller pop up will then appear called "Advanced Privacy Settings" Here you will need to be sure you check the box next to "Override automatic cookie handling" then check accept for both First and Third Party cookies, and last check the box for "Always allow session cookies: Once you complete those steps click "OK" in the bottom area of that pop up and then Apply in the bottom right of the initial pop up then "OK". That pop up will now disappear. You will need to close your browser and re-open it, to ensure the changes are in place and then proceed back to the website to complete your selection. Should you wish to revert the settings back after you complete your selection, just follow the above steps again, and un-check the checks that you put in place in the "Advanced Privacy Settings" area and your browser will revert back to how it was with regards to cookie handling.